T-Shirt COLLECTION limited edition



Winter 17


This upcoming season will have a very relaxed playful take on men's wear.

Sexy silhouettes creamy colors, soft fabrics to the touch.





Someone once said we are all character actors in this story called life. Our clothes tell our story. So I say "Blend in while sticking out!"

The growth of Menswear I have seen since my humble beginnings in women’s wear is finally where it belongs. Designing for men was virtually unheard of some 20 years ago.  Now Men are out there creating their own stories with color, cut and comfort. My three C’s!!!

When my boys were born your only options were black, white and grey.  Then Baby Gap started to breathe some light into this world and for me that’s where it all began.  Working in women’s manufacturing and styling my kids wardrobes.  Till now today this moment we are now reaching a new height of awareness that Men do love to shop. Men want fashion, comfort and price but in their own words.

That’s where I come in. My goal: to design create and cater to those who will never look average.  Comfort and affordability with a Made in the USA feel all with an affordable price.

My dream is to design cut and sew all under one roof.  Better fabrics, better quality means higher end affordable options for the consumer.

LDB Industries " Where the sport of Fashion begins."

  Lesa Berroa, Founder & Creative Guru





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MENSWEAR: Winter '17

SHIRTS & TEES: Spring '16


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