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5 Ways of Dressing that Will Help You Look Slimmer

Being slim and smart is today’s definition of being sexy and attractive in public. Many of us can deny it by saying that it’s just the society that makes this rule applicable on all of us. Usually, men believe that they have to go to the gym and get themselves a series of intense gym sessions in order to look slim and smart but this is not the only method. Many men cannot go to the gym due to time constraints or the unavailability of quality gyms in their region. For such men, here are 5 ways of dressing that can really help them look slimmer and smarter for any occasion:

1.Pick the Perfect Dress Shirts

Make sure the dress shirt you’re wearing is hugging your chest, waist and shoulders with no bunching or grabbing. It will enhance a slimmer silhouette and create a polished, well tailored look. Go for athletic, slim-fit and extra slim-fit shirts.

2.Choose V-Neck Sweaters

Do you know a V-neck actually creates an illusion of being tall and also slender? For this purpose, go for cotton, silk or wool sweaters and these sweaters should properly fit to your chest, arms and shoulders. By all means, avoid the thick knitted and bulky sweaters.

Keep it trim.

3.How to Pick Pants, Jeans and Trousers Wisely?

Welcome to the color game! Colors such as navy gray and gray make you appear sleek and refined. When choosing pants, steer clear of pleats. They add a bulge - and not in a flattering way!

Want to look sleek and tall? Make a classic statement and give pinstripes a try! They create a crisp, refined look that elongates your body.

If you like your trousers, jeans and pants at your natural waist, remember - always stick with comfort because when you’re comfortable, you’ll wear your clothes well.

4.Buy the Perfect Jackets

Here’s a great tip: When choosing a jacket, always select a nice piece that’s one inch above your size so there’s room for tailoring adjustments. It will allow you to take up the sleeves to enhance the length of your arms and provide more room to nip and tuck in the right places. Also, make sure the jacket is touching your waist slightly. A trick of the eye like this will make everyone wonder what your slimming secret is!

5.How to Select the Perfect Outerwear?

If you’re confused about buying jackets or overcoats, here’s the rule of thumb: Choose the same size for your overcoat that you would chose for your suit jacket. It's been my experience that men usually like to wear the next size up. However, if you want to look slimmer, you just need to go for the right form filling size. Make sure it feels right on you, because at the end of the day, your appearance writes your story.

Till next time remember: "YOU NEVER MOVE FORWARD IF YOU PLAY IT SAFE" ~ Alexander McQueen~

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