What Knot to Wear

Feel like the Merovingian for the day and Tie the Trinity Knot.

You always want to bring your stylish best and pump up

your a-game, whether it’s a professional event or chilling out at happy hour. Men usually wear formal suits to catch the attention of others so… why "Knot" make the Tie one of the major elements ? Bring out that Bad Ass put together guy. Let your tie be innovative, and a conversation starter that will kill two birds with one stone. If you need/want to network let your suit and tie lead the way. You will look suave, professional and charm the socks off anyone meet. You can increase your style and grace by choosing an innovative tie - 17 designs in all. Here are a few steps that can easily guide you on how you can create your own Trinity Tie:

Important Note

For the Trinity Tie, size of the tie should be large that can have trilateral symmetry, special collars such as spread and cutaway collars can be used but for now a regular dress shirt collar will work.

Step 1

You need to make the seam facing inward while draping the necktie, and the thick end and narrow end of the tie should be on right and left hand side respectively. The Trinity Tie is especially known for its narrow end and when you’re carrying out the tying process, you should not be moving the thick end at all. You can only move it tighten the knot, not for anything else.

Step 2

It’s time to take the narrow end of the tie and make an X shape just under the chin and against the thick end. Now you need to tuck this end around your neck while seaming outward.

Step 3

Get the narrow end, flip it and move it around the collar in a loop and it should be facing the right side of the thick end making the tip and seam in downward and inward direct respectively. Remember the narrow end is still at the right side of the thick end.

Step 4

In step 4, you need to move the narrow end behind the thick end in horizontal manner, making its seam going in outward direction.

Step 5

Again you need to make a loop around your collar by moving the narrow end but this time tip point and seam will be in upward and inward direction respectively.

Step 6

Now things are more intricate and complicated here as your tie will be in its last steps and you need to make the process smooth so that every portion of the knot is visible. Take the narrow end, move around your neck and taking it to the far right side as it will make the bulk of the knot visible. If you have followed all the steps, your tie’s narrow end would be coming from the loop present around your neck where the tip and seam is in downward and inward direction respectively and are present in right side of thick end.

Step 7

Move the narrow end against the knot in right to left direction horizontally. In order to prepare yourself for the necktie step, here you will be moving your finger underneath the horizontal band.

Again, here the narrow end and seam should be in left and inward direction.

Step 8

Here you again need to move the narrow end around your collar and then pull it beneath your chin where seam is facing outward direction.

Step 9

In this step, narrow end should be passing around the thick from right to left direction so that it may complete the process by making the narrow end and seam going in left and outward direction.

Step 10

Here you need to make the narrow tip and seam in the diagonally upward and inward direction. For this purpose, you need to complete the step 8 again.

Step 11

Now you don’t need to pull the narrow end horizontally rather you will be moving it through the knot in a vertical loop which will make it go in diagonally upward and to the right side. If you have followed all the steps correctly, you can clearly see the knot easily.

Step 12

Now you just need to make some necessary adjustments to make sure that your three folds are visible to the naked eye and these folds should also be equal in terms of their angle and size.

If you don’t like the narrow end remaining in any direction, you can tuck and move it underneath the loop around your shirt collar. Usually, only an inch or two remains there.

Side note: Tie bars, pins new and vintage styles. Don't hold back a lot can be said about the fine details. It's the small things we see that make the most impact..

Bottom Line

It only takes a few tries to get this working so don't give up. Life's the stage and we are the costume designers of our world. Make it shine..

Till next time remember:" YOU NEVER MOVE FORWARD IF YOU PLAY IT SAFE" ~ Alexander McQueen~

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