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6 Trending Overcoats for Men in 2016

Do you really think that people would think twice about overcoats just because they are lengthy? Or sometimes it becomes difficult for them to properly handle them in public? AHH WRONG!!!.

People tend emphasize on what looks graceful and attractive to them and others, why not when it comes to wearing overcoats? No other clothing item can really match the class and elegance which your overcoat brings. You'll definitely feel like a king of the world when you wear fashionable overcoats in winter season. This is how you can show your mood..

Whether we admit it or not, we wait for the winter season to wear our warm boots and overcoats and tend to put away the style that makes you, YOU. As winter approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere, here are some of the best trending overcoats for 2016:

1.Bristol Drake Parka

When selecting an overcoat for business daytime, this long navy blue overcoat with eye-catching buckle straps can be your choice among men’s trending overcoats for 16/17 season.. Sleek lines straight cut frame. You can have butterflies before that meeting and no one would notice.

Did you know the Parka is still considered one of the best overcoat designs by Vogue? So, it is recommended for your winter 2016 wardrobe update.

2.Topman Pea coat

If you want a rather more stylish and graceful overcoat, you can try this navy overcoat with double breasted pea coat to get a more stunning and striking look in public. It’s shorter the length you can layer with ease and not feel weighted down in those not so brutal Fall/Winter moments.

My all time favorite coat: the Pea coat here are both versions waist and car coat length.

This jacket is perfect to dress up or down again all the world is a show. Don’t be shy give us a peek.

can't go wrong

with either length

3.Duffle/Toggle Coat

A duffle coat is the best pick for your casual or outdoor parties during the winter. Dress it up with a sweater or down with a thermal underneath, you can't go wrong. Just look for good fabrics that are soft to the touch. Last thing you want to do is spend time in a scratch pad no matter how good it looks. With that said the price points will vary depending on fabrics and toggles features but, with a great coat hanger and protector this investment will last the test of time.

This a perfect look with a Trench boots and blacksmith

jeans and a nice flannel. I'm just saying..

4.BOSS Tweed Topcoat

If you want to wear a traditional overcoat, BOSS Tweed Topcoat is definitely one of the most recommended overcoats for 2016. This is the workhorse of the group here shown at car coat length is the most comfortable when you are in the car couple of hours daily.


Royal Society Original FW/17

Here is another little informal, attractive and stylish overcoat.

It’s a perfect choice for your casual outings, rainy days or just doing errands. For those sunny days.

6.Combined Model Overcoats

In case, after reading this blog, you’re still confused about what to select and what not to, here is

a unique option for you. You can also wear combined fabric based overcoats for you. A classic coat with a fur collar can definitely be a recommended combined model type overcoat for you even attending your corporate company meetings and catch the attention of your clients.

If you have a little XXX to your personality you will wear this just fine. Remember fashion if for fun

style is for life.

Till next time remember:" YOU NEVER MOVE FORWARD IF YOU PLAY IT SAFE" ~ Alexander McQueen~

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